Back from AX!

Back from AX!

Also, I will be at EVO from July 19 - 21, so please come say hello if you're attending as well!


How long does it take to get my order?

Processing times (the time it takes for your order to get shipped):
For in-stock items: 5-10 business days after order date.
For pre-order items: varies, 2-4 weeks after preorders end for stickers, up to 4-8 weeks for mousepads/deskmats/wallscrolls

Shipping times (varies a bit by location):
Domestic USA: 5-7 days
International: 2-4 weeks

You can check my instagram (@yokudraws) for status updates or potential delays. I will also update the store main page with important updates/delays/announcements.
If you haven’t received your order within 60 days, contact me here and don’t forget to include your order number!

What’s your return policy?

Refunds are only accepted within 24h of placing an order. Contact me here with your order number and I will process your refund. I do not accept returns. Otherwise ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Orders that were unintentionally damaged, lost, stolen, returned (due to incorrect address) or otherwise mismanaged through no fault of the customer are eligible for a one-time replacement. I am not responsible for tracking the status of the order once it has been shipped and handed over to the postal service.

Will you consider making merch of [character/series]?

I’m open to suggestions! Feel free to drop me feedback and suggestions via my contact form.

What does kiss-cut and die-cut mean?

Kiss-cut and die-cut are terms that describe how the sticker and backing paper are cut.
Die-cut stickers are where both the vinyl material and the paper backing are cut to conform to the sticker shape.
Kiss-cut stickers are where only the vinyl material is cut to the shape of the character. The paper backing is a solid rectangle. Usually, kiss-cut stickers also come with transfer tape layered on top to help align the sticker itself.